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Get the J.G. Wentworth Visa® Prepaid Card. It’s secure* and can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide.

Live Easy With a Smart Way to Spend

You work hard for your money and you deserve freedom to spend how you wish. Start with the J.G. Wentworth Visa® Prepaid Card. It’s a Visa prepaid card that’s easy to manage.** It gives you new spending opportunities, such as shopping online. And you don't have to deal with standing in line at the check casher or bank when you sign up for direct deposit.

Manage your hard-earned money.

Our prepaid card helps you with plenty of benefits, including:

  • MoneyPass surcharge free ATM’s allow you to avoid ATM fees*****

  • Direct deposit so paychecks load right onto your prepaid card

  • Thousands of Western Union® or MoneyGram® locations*** where you can load cash to your prepaid card

  • A website to manage your prepaid card from your computer or mobile phone****

Plus, our prepaid card is Visa branded, so it’s secure* and accepted at anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide.

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See which Visa prepaid debit card is right for you and your family. Learn about our minimal fees and many load locations. 

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